Should I Marry Him? Is It just Cold Feet or a Premonition?

When you are in the period of wedding preparation, it is quite normal to feel stressed. You have a lot of work to do. That is why, sometimes you feel like you are drowning. Also, you might feel that you are about to make a mistake by getting married with him which is the worse. In this article, we give you some helpful advices and tips to fight cold feet.

If you feel that you get cold feet, do not be nervous. It is a very common situation between brides. You might get cold feet between engagement and wedding and in the wedding planning time line as well. You need to realize that it is not too much.. It is just an irrational fear.

The Steps That You Could Follow:

  • The first thing that you can do is to write down every single detail that bothers you. In the meantime, two things can happen: You would not be able to write even one single sentence then you realize there is nothing to write just because of there is nothing to worry about. If you write down something, most probably you would be able to find out what makes you feel nervous most. Now, you can start to look for solutions.
  • Try to write a romantic letter to your husband. If you are able to write all these romantic stuff on a piece of paper, then you have nothing to worry about, Go ahead, you are in the right way. In case, you are not able to write a few romantic sentences, oops, you are in a big trouble.
  • Another thing that would be helpful for you is to see the pictures of you and your partner. When you do that, you would remember the great times that you had together.
  • You can try to stop thinking about wedding planning or any other details for a while. Take your time and get some rest. Go for a small trip, hang out with your friends. Do anything that could take the wedding out of your mind.

Cold feet is a quite normal and common before wedding. So, it should not be the nightmare of you or it does not need to affect your relationship. So do not think “ Should i marry him? Is it just Cold Feet or a presentiment?” It is just a Cold Feet.

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