Ideas and Suggestions for Spring Wedding

Spring is known as a wedding season. That is why, it is quite important to have different ideas for wedding. In this article, we have so many suggestions for wedding decoration and theme.

Ideas for Spring Wedding Invitations

During the preparations of the wedding, getting and sending invitations is the first step. Since you have spring wedding, you need to get invitations that would match the season perfectly. In order to do so, you can put some spring flowers on the invitations. Sending pocket invitations is getting popular day by day and could be an option as well. If you have limited budget, you can go for more affordable invitations to save money.

Theme Ideas for Wedding Attire

The Wedding Dress

The reason why the spring wedding is so popular is because of the wonderful weather. Of course, it can be different from town to town. But, in general, the weather in spring is great. It is not too cold, not too hot either. That is why, you have so many options for the dress. You can choose so many fabrics for the dress which are :

  • Batiste ( very light and opaque)
  • Crepe ( a thin fabric and wide)
  • Duchesse Satin ( very light fabric of polyester)
  • Georgette ( light fabric made with silk and polyester)

If you have spring wedding, you are allowed to add some colors to the dress. That is what so many brides do.

Wedding Party

Today’s wedding are so colorful. You can get another color for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Also, guests could choose different colors as well.

Here are the some ideas that you can follow:

  • Sleeveless top
  • Skirt and top ( instead of a full dress)
  • Strapless top or dress

Remember, if you get a dark color dress, you would be able absorb the sun’s heat. So, you better choose light color dress which doesn’t absorb the sun’s heat. Since, it is a outdoor wedding, the second option has to be the one you should consider about.

Colors of a Spring Wedding

White, ivory, yellow, orange, light blue, chocolate, pastel green, green, pink, lavender, mocha, red and rose.

Her are the some combinations of two colors:

  • Light blue and chocolate
  • Ivory and orange
  • Yellow and mocha
  • Lavender and yellow
  • Spring Flowers

You can make the wedding place beautiful with flowers. Also, you can save money on buying season flowers.
The flowers that you can choose: Anemone, lilies, pansy, violet, sweet pea, lilac, cherry blossom etc.

The Wedding Reception

When you have wedding with spring theme, there is no reason why you cannot do the same for reception.

There are different styles of wedding favor like beach chair, seashell, lily pen and much more. Your imagination is the only limit that hold you from finding different ideas.

Ideas for Decorations

Options are almost unlimited. Go for lavender, blue or pink color, Use the seasonal flowers for centerpieces. Get some butterfly figure. You can get so many different theme ideas by being just a bit creative.

Go ahead and have a wonderful wedding with these spring wedding ideas. Remember, you have only one difficulty to get more interesting ideas which is your imagination.

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