Mexican Wedding Traditions


Many Mexicans prefer to have a wedding which matches with their traditions. It could be an option for you to choose this as wedding theme as well. In this article, we mention some details about Mexican wedding traditions. Hope you would find what you are looking for. Enjoy!

Wedding Attire

As a bride, you would wear a mantilla veil in the Mexican wedding theme. You could also get a slim dress with a bolero jacket. Instead of a bridal flowers, you can carry a fan. You can also get a Mexican wedding shirt too.

This style of shirts have been used for the last 200 years. It can be matched with any size or shape with loose style of it. The name of the shirt is


which comes from one legend. And that legend tells a story about a poor wife who sew big pockets on her husband’s shirt. And these pockets were used to carry guava fruit.

Food and Beverage

The traditional Mexican food includes rice which is spicy, beans, tortilla dishes and chicken or beef. Sangria ( a wine punch means bloodletting) is served as cold drink too.


If we talk about any Latin American country, the first music type which comes in mind is Salsa with a guitar and merengue. Mariachi is the another music which consists of drums, guitar and trumpets as well.

Wedding Traditions

In some Northern Mexico cities, there is a tradition of presenting rings. The name of the tradition is “of promise” which appears before the main ring’s presentation.

The Thirteen Gold Coins

It is another tradition of Mexican Wedding. The groom gives these coins to the brides as a symbol of the unquestionable trust of his. He says that he gives all the good he has into her care. The acceptance by bride means that she takes this trust unconditionally.

This tradition comes from Spain and is called


. These coins were given by the bridegroom. In general, it was offered in a box. The number of 12 was the symbol of Christ’s 12 apostles. They were presented by the priest in the beginning of the wedding ceremony.

The Sign of the Cross

The priest draws a sing of cross on the groom’s head. After he draws the sign, the groom and the bride kiss that cross in row. It symbolizes the swearing to be faithful to the partner.

The Lasso

It is another part of the ceremony and symbolizes the unity. It is placed around the couples neck. A chosen person needs to place the lasso over the couple’s shoulders. He/she needs to place it on the groom’s shoulders first. It symbolizes the love they have. At the end of the ceremony, the priest removes the lasso.

In most weddings, mariachis are used for the end of the ceremony.

For the first dance of couple, guests would get a heart shaped ring. Salsa, flamenco has to be used for the reception.

As favors, wedding cookies in a tulle are the one they choose. Note cards or pieces of pottery could be an option too.

Mexican wedding tradition is the best choice for the couples who want to have something extra-ordinary. It would be amazing and unforgettable. If you are able to go out of ordinary then do not think too much and start to prepare your Mexican theme wedding.

Tener Una Boda Bonita ( Have a Nice Wedding)

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