The Do’s and Dont’s While Writing Thank You Letters and Notes

The concept of the thank you note is quite simple. Thank you notes and letters symbolize your appreciation for the guests who have taken the time to come to your wedding. But, you cannot just write them down. There are so many rules to follow like the do’s and dont’s while writing thank you notes and letters.

But, you should also remember that a bad letter that comes from heart is always better than a note never sent.

If you want to write something impressive, this article could be a small guide for you. The way that we suggest is a general one. If you want guests to think that you put your heart in it, then you need to personalize it. You need to add something to make it personalized.

We’d like to start with the Do’s While Writing Thank You Notes and Letters:

  • You should send them as soon as possible.
  • You better prefer to send them in a formal way.
  • You should mention some specific points about gifts like “ I really love the bouquets. How did you know that that was my favorite flower?”

Always send them the topics in the following manner:

  • Wedding gifts
  • Flowers or cards.
  • For the bridal or baby gifts
  • Hospital staying gifts
  • Notes or letters of congratulations

The following topics are not the requirements of thank you notes or letters. But, it is possible to mention about them as well:

  • Being a guest at a dinner or lunch party
  • After a interview ( not an obligation, but could be a smart move)
  • For the gifts that you have already thanked

Now it is time to talk about the things not to do.

The Don’ts While Writing Thank You Notes and Letters:

  • Delaying to send the letters could be the first mistake. They need to be sent in the first week in general.
  • If it is needed to send hospital letters, they have to sent as soon as the patient is fine.
  • The letters for gifts should be sent in three months of the receipt of the gift.

If you need to write a letter for a gift and if you do not like it, you can thank them for the time that they spent to choose that gift.

They spent money and time for your wedding. At least, you can show your appreciation by writing these small letters and notes.

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