The Honeymoon Gift and Money As a Wedding Gift

People who get married are given some house hold items in general. It is really helpful for them to cover first days of marriage. Generally, these gifts are

towels, cups, glasses


Besides these stuff,


is also given as a wedding gift. It is not a new concept to give money to the couple as a wedding gift. Especially in some countries, when it comes to the wedding gift, money is the first thing that comes in mind automatically. Times are changing and many couples prepare their household items before they get married. They seek money for wedding gift. Most probably, they plan to use that money for honeymoon which is quite sensible. Or maybe they plan to use that money for another spending like

deposit or furniture


It is a bit difficult to say that guests are happy to give wedding gifts. Because, some of them are not okay with the wedding gift list. But, friends and family members want to give something that would be useful for them in later times. Some guests think that money is better for them to buy whatever they need.

Couples need to prepare a wedding gift list that includes money and other kind of gift to answer all guest’s choices.

Couples also need to try to be certain about how they are going to use the money and for what they are going to use the money.

In general, when the couples are making a honeymoon gift list, they choose the stuff which could be afforded by guests easily like

drinks or a dinner by the pool.

Another option is to personalize the list if the list provider allows. In this way, you can arrange the whole honeymoon list with your own gift names. If you want to do skydiving or to rent a place in a middle of a mountain, go ahead. They would be added in the list.

One more thing that you can do is to thank your guests with thank you cards by adding some photos of the event for which they have contributed or provided.

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