How Can I Plan My Engagement Party?

You have a really good relationship and you decide to make it permanent by getting married. And, it is time to share this great news with friends and family members. You might also need to

introduce your partner

to your family and friends. And, it is time to have an engagement party to handle all these stuff just in one time.

You take one more step by deciding to have this party. But, you do not know how to plan an engagement party. In order to get some basic information, just read on.

This party is

hosted by the bride’s family in general

. And it happens at their home usually. But, times are changing and the rules of getting an engagement party are not that hard anymore. Now, anyone can get an engagement party.

Engagement party can be organized in a restaurant or in a home

. It does not matter where the place of engagement party is as long as the place is important and meaningful for them.

Also it is possible to choose to have

simple or extra-ordinary engagement party

. If you want to have something simple, then you can have your party in a friend’s home with cake and drinks. Or you can have barbecue or lunch/dinner party with groom’s family. In case you want to have perfect and unforgettable engagement party, then you can make reservation in hotel or in luxury restaurant. But, if you stand for these kind of parties, you better start to look for your dress. Wearing jeans and t-shirt in a hotel or in luxury restaurant during a party could be bad idea.

There is one rule which is about the number of the guests. It should be the

people who are invited for your wedding

. But, of course it does not mean that it should be whole guest list.

If you introduce the family to the other, then you should go for something that is a bit official like having dinner in a restaurant. Or one family could invite the second one in their house.

The concept of the engagement party depends on your situation. If the parents already know each other, then go for something fun. If not, dinner or lunch could be the perfect option for you.

Good Luck!

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