The Requirements and Rules of A Catholic Wedding

Are you planning to get married soon? Are you Catholic? So, would you like to learn what are the requirements and rules of a catholic wedding? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place reading the right article.

Here are some basic rules and requirements of a Catholic wedding:

  • First of all, the couple should be capable of getting married. Thus, they have to be a female and male who do not have any difficulty to get married officially.
  • The couple have to show their desire to get married. It would be shown by the act of theirs. One gives his/her consent and the other accepts it to be a couple.
  • They should get married according to the law of marriage and Church. In this way, the Church and the other community would be able to know if the marriage is valid.

Some requirements to get married:

  • The first condition is age. Both of them have to be old enough to get married. And this age is mentioned in local civil law.
  • The second condition is about previous marriage. It is not allowed to get married with someone who is already married to someone else.
  • The third condition is relatives. You cannot get married with one of your relatives.
  • If one person in the couple has some problem which is a difficulty to understand what marriage is and what are responsibilities of being married, then they cannot get married.
  • Also you cannot push to get married. It is something that you decide yourself and do it by your desire.

Giving Word Freely

The couple has to give their word to another to get married freely. The Church considers that the couple’s word and behaviour shows their intention to get married. And there are three specific questions which are asked by the priest or officiant to understand their desire and make them say in front of the guests and the priest.

These are just the basic rules and requirements of a Catholic wedding. These rules can be changed according to the region. In order to learn about these rules, you need to talk to your pastor.

Wish you have a wedding without any official problem.

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