Average Cost of a Wedding

“Yes, we’ve decided to get married and are planning to start preparations as soon as possible. Flowers, food, music, decoration, favors etc. We will arrange everything and get married soon.” Those might be the words that you have already been telling anyone you know. Thinking of these might make you feel happy. Oops! Yes, you forgot to think about your budget. Don’t worry, in this article you can learn the average price that you have to pay for your wedding.

It is quite normal that you want everything to be perfect. Because, it is your biggest day. Everything has to work perfectly. After all, it happens once in a human life.

Average Cost of a Wedding

A regular wedding includes so many small details and the big ones at the same time like decorations, flowers and the other details that we mentioned in the first paragraph. To have complete wedding you have to combine them all together and it costs a lot. The tips in the following part provides you a chance to have less costly wedding.

Average Cost of Place

This could be most important part. If you want to get a perfect place for your wedding, you need to pay around


Oh! It’s a lot. Drinks, waitering service etc. So, if you want decrease the price, the best thing that you could do is to have the wedding in your place.

Average Cost Of Decoration

The decoration of a wedding is the most important part. But, it does not mean that it is the most expensive part as well. According to the type of decoration, you can arrange the budget between


. You can go for a decoration that is not very ornate. These kind of tips would bring the decoration cost down easily and you can use that for any other emergencies. You better prepare yourself now, there would be some emergencies.

Average Cost of Flowers

Wedding flowers include the bouquet of bride, the bouquet of bridesmaids, the boutonnières of groom and groomsmen except for decoration flowers. The average cost would be between


. And, for the decoration flowers you need pay another $100. To decrease the cost you can go for cheaper ones. Also, fake flowers could be cheaper than the real ones.

Average Cost Of Food

This is the thing that people pay more attention to than the other details. They would say “Oh! The food was great. Everything was considered perfectly” Or, maybe just the opposite. But, if you want your guests to say the first sentence, you do not need to spend too much money. It depends on the number of the guests. And, it does not get over 150 in general. When you consider as base and calculate


per person, your total cost would be around


Also, you need to add wedding cake as well. It cost around



  • Decrease the number of the sweet dishes.
  • Keep down the amount of the food. People would want to taste everything and get less of every item from the buffet.
  • If you expect 150 people, you can consider that around 135 if you have a open buffet.

Following the tips mentioned above would be help you to decrease the cost of food.

Average Cost of Dress

It is a dream of every bride to have a wonderful wedding dress. And, they go directly to the luxury store. Hey, you do not need to do that. Do you know that you can get the best dress ever without spending too much money. Average cost is around


. Also, you can consider about getting a second hand dress. After all, you would wear it just once.

Average Cost of Invitations

It costs a lot. Because, it includes invitations, thank you cards, ceremony program etc. The best thing to decrease the cost is to decrease the number of the sheets. Send just one sheet for your guests, not more than that. It could cost around $500.

*If we calculate all the costs, the total price that you need to pay would be around



This is a general calculation of wedding cost. And, it doesn’t include so many other details like honeymoon. These are not the only tips that you can use. We are quite sure that you can decrease the cost with your own ideas.

Have a Happy Wedding and Married Life!

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