Wedding Traditions and The Meanings

We all know something about wedding traditions.

New ones, Old ones, Borrowed ones and Blue ones

…Have you heard about a tradition called “Penny in bride’s shoes?” Maybe you have heard it with this name”


”. No? Don’t worry, after reading this article you would have some ideas about it and the other traditions.

We mention some the most popular and known traditions. Some are in use for 100 years some are for 1000 years.

Old Tradition:

It is about representing something that symbolizes the family and their past. The most common ones are antique jewelry or a family ring that has been passed from one generation to another one. If you do not have anything like that, you can buy some jewelry from an antique store.

New Tradition:

This tradition is about the success and the fortune in the couple’s life. The most common one is wedding gown in general.

Borrowed Tradition:

It symbolizes that the friends and the family members of bride would be there for them anytime she needs. And, you can choose anything you want like something that brings luck.

Blue Tradition:

The color of blue symbolizes the loyalty and the faithfulness in the life. The choice of modern times is a blue garter or a ribbon on the hair in general.

A Penny in Her Shoe:

This tradition that is known as a Sixpence is a kind of wish of wealth for the couple. The penny should be placed in the base of the shoe. You can also choose a coin that means something to you if you have.

Besides that we would like to talk about other traditions that includes the stuff that we all know like veil, rings and flowers.

Bridal Veil;

the exact origin is still unknown. But, according to the one theory, when the marriage is arranged the family of the bride covers her face until the groom enters the wedding ceremony and it is too late for him now, he can’t go away.

Wedding Rings;

These rings have to be on the third finger of left hand. This tradition comes from ancient Egypt. They believed that it was the finger that followed “ vein of love” which goes directly to the heart.

Bridal Flowers;

The story of flowers is very long. In Roman times, it was the symbol of hope, a new life. In the Victorian times so many different meanings were born. Couples were sending messages by the flowers. And, it is still used in present time.

The most common meanings of flowers:

  • Red rose- love
  • White rose- worthiness
  • Pink or White rose- Love and Beauty

Why is the Left-side Bride’s Place?

This tradition comes from old times. According to the story, when the groom steals his woman, he always holds the woman on his left side to use his right hand to fight and carry the sword.

We would also talk about a tradition that is not that common. This tradition happens in Turkey and includes writing female friend’s name under the bride’s shoes. Whoever she want to get married soon, she writes her name under her shoes. And, it is believed that the name she writes in first place is the one who gets married first.

There are so many different wedding traditions all around the world. You can add some color to your wedding by using these traditions. After all, you have learned the wedding traditions and the meanings by reading this article. Choose the one that you like most and make your wedding colorful and interesting.

Happy Wedding!

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