How to Plan Your Wedding Regime?

The beauty regime of bride should start really long time before wedding. You need to arrange your guest list, organize every single detail. You have to be sure that everything is going perfect. You need to check and confirm everything. Sounds exhausting? At this point, it is time to take a break and take care of personal care.

Everybody admits that the wedding day is the most important day for couple. Looking bad on this day cannot even be considered as an option. So, learn how to plan your wedding beauty regime and have a wonderful look on this big day.

Body Toning

It should be the first step. And, you need to start think about body toning few months before your wedding day. If your wedding day is not certain, you should move according to the expected date. You need to do some exercise. It would help you to lose some weight.

It is better if you make an agenda about your exercises like Monday morning walking for an hour, Wednesday tennis, Friday swimming etc. Also some small details could help you with your exercises like taking stairs instead of elevator, going by foot to the supermarket..

Skin Care

Ooh! Skin. Maybe the most important part. The part that would get all the attention under your dress. Good looking skin needs too much time. So, you need to start to take care of your skin long time ahead of the weeding. You need to be careful with the food that you have. Attending a Spa day could be perfect option for you. Spa day that includes facial, manicure, pedicure, full body massage and everything. Yes, sounds perfect.

Wedding Day Make-up

You should plan your make up few days before your wedding. There are so many different make up styles so you need to choose the best and the right one for yourself. In order to do so, you need talk to some make up consultants who can give advice about some make tips for your skin for free. You need to consider about your dress and weeding day hair style. They all have to be in a harmony. Do not forget the bridesmaids.


Nails. They can look like a small details but they are not small at all. Why? Because of the wedding ring. Every guest in the wedding would like to see your wedding ring. So, you might not want to present that ring on ugly fingers we suppose. So, get some manicure session before your wedding. Shape you nails and moisturize your hands.

French manicure would be a perfect option for the wedding day.

Also, if you plan to wear open shoes, then you have one more task: Pedicure.

Remember, you would not be the only one who has ring, your partner also would have ring on his finger and people would like to see it too. So, convince him to get some manicure as well.

Sue that you would look perfect on your wedding.

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