Greek Wedding Traditions

You have decided to get married and started to plan your wedding. And, you have decided to have a Greek wedding. So, do you know what are the Greek wedding traditions? If not, read this article and learn more about your wedding theme.

If you want to have a memorable wedding, Greek wedding is the best option for you. Because, this kind of wedding is not something that you can forget easily. The ceremony of a Greek wedding is full of with ancient tradition and the reception is a quite exciting party through the night.

Greek Orthodox Wedding is an ancient event that has been celebrated for many years and it full of with the symbols of a happy wedding.

The ceremony has two part which are separated from each other. The first one called “The Betrothal Service” and the second one is called “Sacrament Marriage Ceremony”. Both of the parts have special meanings.

The wedding starts as the couples reach to Christ with white candles.

Betrothal Service

The focus point of this part of the ceremony is exchanging the rings. The rings are blessed by the priest while holding them in his right. Then, he makes a sign of cross through the head of the couple. After that, they place the ring on the fingers. The rings are changed by Koumbaro for three times.

Sacrament of Marriage Ceremony

This part has different parts like petitions, praying, crowning reading from New Testament, circling around the table of ceremony and offering common cup. In the part of praying, the priest join the couple with right hand.

The Part of Crowning

It is one of the focus point of the ceremony. The couple are crowned by the crowns called Stefena. Also, a ribbon which is white joins the crowns. The bride and groom are blessed by the priest. The symbol of the crowns is the glory that has been given as a gift by God, the ribbon is symbol of the unity. The crowns are changed by Koumbaro for three times.

The Common Cup

After crowning, reading the Gospel is followed. It tells the marriage of Galilee. This tradition was the part of the wedding that Jesus turned the water into wine and then it was given to the bride and groom. And, they drink it for three times.

The Walk of Ceremony

This walk is happened by the circling around the church with the company of priest. The priest is the one who leads the way. The way is symbolized by the Cross of God.

The Removing the Crowns

After the walk of ceremony, priest blesses the bride and groom and the crowns are removed by himself. He separates their hands which are joined before with the company of Bible. It is the symbol of only God can break that union.

After that it is time to dance under the moon.

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