Japanese Wedding Traditions

Japanese weddings are getting popular in the western world day by day. And, more brides are interested in Japanese Wedding Traditions today. These traditions are based from Shinto Shrines which is a statue. The variety of the traditions of Japanese weddings are unlimited.

On the big day, the bride should be painted from head till the toe. The color which is white that symbolizes the purity. The dress of Japanese wedding is called


which is traditional. The bride wears a headpiece which is decorated with ornaments. It is believed that it brings good luck. Also, kimino has a white colored hood that symbolizes the protection form jealous eyes. And, the groom wears black colored kimino. During the ceremony, both family face each other.

Another tradition which is called


is the part of the Japanese wedding as well. This is the part that bride and groom show their intention to be married. This tradition provides better understanding
for the couple.


is another part of a Japanese wedding. This tradition happens after the main ceremony is fixed. The both family members meet in a dinner. And, the main gift of bride is given to her on this day. It is called “


” and the gift of groom is called “




is the another part of Japanese wedding. Besides that,

Mokuroku, Surume, Konbu, Sake

are the other traditions of Japanese wedding. As we mentioned before, the number of the Japanese wedding traditions is unlimited.

There is one more tradition which is called


. And, it is the part that there is a ceremony of drinks between the families of the bride and the groom.

Since the wedding is the occasion that happens once in a human being’s life in general, so it would be perfect to make it unforgettable by having a really extra-ordinary wedding. Japanese wedding would be perfect choice for that purpose.

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