Irish Wedding Traditions

Nowadays, so many couples prefer to choose a different wedding theme. Some go for an Asian wedding, some go for African wedding. Also, in the west you can finds a lot of different wedding traditions, Irish wedding tradition is one of them which is mentioned in this article.

There are so many different traditions. We talk about some ideas about the traditions.

Bunratty Meade

basically is honey wine which is served in Bunratty Castle. The recipe of this comes from the oldest drink of Ireland. That drink was served at the weddings because it was believed that it promoted virility. Also, couples are supposed to drink it from a special glass.

Lucky Horseshoe

is the other tradition in which brides have to carry one real horseshoe. It is believed that it brings good luck. Also, some prefer to get a porcelain horse. It can be christening for their first. It can be also used for their child’s wedding.

Bells of make up

: It is believed that the bells keep the evil away. The couples also could give the guests a bell for them to ring. But, you should tell them about the timing. Guests are able to ring their small bells as well.

Irish Dancers

are really common tradition in Irish wedding. It would be a really perfect view with their colorful dresses.


: Variety of Irish wedding music is unlimited. So, you would have no difficulty in finding one.


are really lovely which mean “You should only walk beside me as my friend, if you walk in front of me, I would not follow and if you walk after me I would not guide you.”

Songs of Irish Weddings

: These songs are very popular at Irish weddings. In general, they sing these songs while cutting the cake.


: Many brides preferred to wear a wreath on their hair which is made from wildflowers. It was also available to carry them in a bouquet. It would be a perfect choice for a more Celtic wedding.


It is believed that wearing a green color dress brings bad luck. If someone wears a green dress in an Irish wedding, it is also brings bad luck for the couple.

Besides the traditions, there are some beliefs.

  • It brings bad luck to get married on Saturday.
  • Always the man should wish joy first. Never the woman.
  • Hearing a cuckoo on the wedding day brings luck.
  • Seeing a funeral on the way brings bad luck.
  • The wedding party has to take the longest road to the church.
  • If any glass or cup gets broken on the wedding day, it is a sign of bad luck.
  • Also, when the couples leave the church somebody needs to throw an old shoe on the bride’s head.

These are the main ideas about Irish wedding traditions. There are so much more indeed. If you want to make your wedding interesting wear a Celtic dress and get some of these traditions and have a unforgettable wedding.

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