What Should I Talk About in My Speech? Wedding Speech Etiquette

Your wedding is getting closer. Maybe it is tomorrow or maybe it is today. You check every detail if they are fine. Oops! You have just realized that you need to prepare a speech. You got your paper and pen and started to write. Wait! You cannot just write it down. There are some rules that you need to follow. Relax, you are so lucky that you are reading this article because we give some information about wedding speech etiquette.

You might think that there are rules again. But, it is the last thing that you need pay attention to. Don’t you want to steal your partner’s heart one more time. If so, get a beautiful speech.

Wedding speech has to be perfect so to say. Remember, you would be reading this in front of tens of people. But, the most important part is that you would be reading it in front of your partner for him/her. You need to know what you should say and how you should say.

As we mentioned there are some rules which are:

Do not insult anyone

It is a speech that you read on your biggest day. It should be clean, hearty. Do not make fun of anyone. You can make some jokes to have a funny speech but within the lines.

Make it positive

If you talk about your relatives, family members of friends, talk about their positive properties. You can talk about the people you like, the unforgettable moments that you had with your friends or partner etc. There is no point of talking about negative material while there are so many positive ones.

Do not talk about your prior relationships

It could be mistake to talk about old relationship in a event with your new partner. What has happened
has happened. It should stay in the past as a memory. While you are walking into a new life, no need to talk about the old one.

Focus on your partner

Tell that how much you love him/her. Tell about your feelings, how and what you feel anytime you see him/her. Tell what you see in the future with him/her.

It is the most emotional moment in a wedding. It is in your hands to make it more emotional. There is no reason why you cannot make your guest and partner cry with a few sentences.

After learning what the wedding speech etiquette is, now you are ready to prepare your speech. Hurry up! You are running out of time.

Good Luck and All the Best!

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