What is the Cost of a Wedding Planner?

Planning a wedding is as hard as leading a country. It is quite stressful and tiring process. If you think that planning wedding is too much for you to bear, then you can hire wedding planner. Since weddings are so expensive, we suppose you better know what is the cost of a wedding planner.

What is He/She Supposed to Do?

Wedding planner is responsible of doing anything that the couple want about wedding. From the types of the flowers to choosing the music, any small or big details, he/she learns what the couple wants and moves according to their desires. He/she could be the voice of the couple. Also, he/she is able to get the minimum price for wedding stuffs.

Considering the present day, I mean 2010, the average cost of wedding planner would be around


Because, he/she is expected to take care of the most of the wedding. It is possible to get some discount for sure. It might be too much for you, but if you look from the other side it is quite acceptable. Because, after you pay the money and hire a planner, all you have to do is lay back and take care of yourself. You can decide about your hair and make-up style.

Besides that, the

price could change from town to town.

If you live in a big city, the cost of the planner would be high. But, if you live in a small town or in a suburb, you can get a planner for a really less cost.


it depends on the wedding that you want

. If you are okay with having a simple wedding, planner could decrease the price. In case you want to have wedding like fairytale, then you need to begin to spend money.

Remember, you get married just for once. So, there is no harm to make that spending just for once in your life. Besides the cost, you should also focus on the benefits of hiring a wedding planner. Now, you learn what is the cost of wedding planner. It is time to decide if you would hire.

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