Engagement Party Ideas

You have decided to get married. Informally, you informed your friends and family members. But, it is time to announce it formally with a great engagement party. If you have not decided about the party theme yet, read this article which mentions some engagement party ideas.

Engagement party is as important as a wedding. So, you need to make it perfect. It would be in the memories in later years just like your wedding would be as well. To organize a great engagement party, everything has to be considered perfectly from invitations to music. In fact, if we call this party as a small wedding, it would not be so wrong.

Let’s start to arrange your engagement party!


Since, it is the small wedding which is a really important and special occasion, you need to invite your guests in the same specialty. It should fun as well. But, remember, your guests would like to celebrate you for this important decision that would make you walk into a new life.

You can have your invitations according to the theme of your wedding. Or choose a totally different topic for this party and get your invitations.


It could be the most important thing. Any event could not be considered without a decoration. You can create a theme just like in fairy tales. Get some flowers and white tulle and decorate the area. If you want to have some in the party, then make the child inside of you talk. Get some colorful balloons.


It depends on the party theme. You can play some lazy music. Go for disco theme and burn the dance floor. You can also go for traditional songs.

Main Theme

What kind of party would you like to have? Something formal of fun? Something crazy or traditional? I can hear your voice within screaming like

“Let’s have some fun”

Then, get some funny costumes and masks and have Halloween theme or a masked ball. If you still have a child inside of you, go for play-land or ice-skating. It would be lovely to announce your wedding on the ice.

In fact, you have thousands of options. As long as your budget and your physical conditions of your town allow, you can create the best engagement party ever.

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