Interesting Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions is the indispensable part of all the weddings around world. They are quite able to add so many enjoyment with their interesting nature and meanings. There are so many different traditions from every country. They have different and beautiful meaning and history. In this article, we mention some traditions which come from different countries. You might know all the wedding traditions in your country. But, it is less possible to know the ones from other countries. There is one tradition which is really common and it is called Victorian traditions which we mentioned about it in our article Wedding Traditions and The Meanings. It includes for parts like wearing something new, old, blue and borrowed. You can get the details about this tradition from that article. You can add so many colors and enjoyment by having these traditions in your wedding. In early America, there was one tradition which was about incorporating the gloves. It was a symbol of romance.In Fiji, there is a tradition which requires the groom to give a valuable present to the father of the bride. In general, this present was a tooth of whale which symbolizes the economical status.

In Hawaii, the most common tradition is about putting a garland to the neck of the couple. And, they are exchanged during the ceremony by the bride and the groom. It symbolizes the love and the respect.There is one tradition in Filipino which includes putting the bridal veil to the shoulder of the groom. It symbolizes that the couple is clothed as one. Also, they put one white cord to the neck of the bride and the groom to be a symbol of eternal commitment.

In Estonia, there is a tradition which includes a custom to choose the next groom. A top hat is worn by the groom. And, all the single men get together around the groom. Then, the groom put the top hat on the next groom by chance.

The wedding tradition in Russia is about the speech. Wedding toast has to be given by a relative or a close friend to the couple. Also, according to the another custom, everyone throws the champagne glasses to the floor. It is believed that the breaking of the glasses brings good luck.

In Hungary, the tradition appears with the dancing of every male with bride. They give her a coin and kiss by the cheek.

These are just some of the traditions from all around the world. If you do some more research, we are quite sure that you would be able to find more beautiful and interesting wedding traditions.

Enjoy Your Wedding!

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