Korean Wedding Traditions

As we mentioned in our other article about interesting wedding traditions, there are so many different wedding traditions from the countries in the entire world. Korea is one of these countries and Korean wedding traditions are different and interesting like other Asian countries.

Let’s see what are these interesting traditions!

An Old Tradition: The Matchmaker

In old times, matchmaker was used for almost half of the Korean weddings. Families used to go to the matchmaker with their young person who is ready to get married and ask him/her to find someone for that young person. They used to ask the matchmaker to find someone in a good status.

Wedding Dresses For more than 2.000 years, Hanbok which is the traditional Korean dress has been worn by anyone in the wedding. It is made from cotton and silk. Also, they use a fabric named hemp. Today Hanbok comes in so many different styles and designs.

Bride’s Dress:

The attire of the bride comes with chogori which includes a short jacket and long sleeves, with ribbons. A chima is a kind of wrap which is worn around the skirt. Boat shoes which are made form silk are also worn with socks.

The dress has to include a sash. Also, the bride should wear a headpiece or a crown as well.

Groom’s Dress:

Grooms wear a chigori which is a jacket and paji which are trousers and also a turumagi which is a overcoat for the wedding.

Wedding Reception

It could be a mixture of western and Korean culture. If you have traditional wedding, you need to find bulgogi which is a marinated barbecue beef. You are also expected to get a kalbi (marinated ribs) andkimchee (cabbage pickle).

The meal is always served with white rice. They serve cabbage, spinach, carrots, garlic and fried onion as well. Soup would be offered too. Ttok which is a rice cake is also served sometimes. As for desserts, they would offer some fruits and pastries.

Wedding Traditions

In old times, the wedding was hosted in the house of the bride. The groom used to travel by horse to the wedding place ( bride’s house) and take the bride to the house that they would live in. The couple used to wear formal clothes.

Hand lanterns are used to light the way that they walk from the house of the groom to the house of the bride before the wedding. In general, the family of the groom needs to have a chest which is full of gifts.

Wedding duck symbolizes a long and happy married life. Cranes symbolize a long life. Korean wedding traditions are not limited with these. There so many traditional customs which are quite different and interesting.

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