Caribbean Honeymoon

A Caribbean honeymoon is what one would like to hope for. Walking on sunny beaches, enjoying the delight of splashing water, warm sunshine making  you feel totally relaxed- what a way to spend time with your partner. You shall always remember the experience. It is worth spending. The Caribbean islands are attractive places for young couples to enjoy. Each island has its own uniqueness and distinct civilization and culture.

Some Caribbean Islands

The St.Maarten island is a beautiful retreat. It is an idyllic spot for honeymoon couples to enjoy and have fun. One can go off to Jamaica. Then there is the Cayman island, Aruba, Guadeloupe and many more.  Enjoy the music and cuisines of each island and have a good time.

Other popular islands are the Antiqua,and St. Martin as well as St. Lucia or Dominica.  The warm sunny waters of the beaches really entice you and you are tempted to have a dip.  Or you may like to go sailing and enjoy the warm breeze.

How to plan a Carribbean honeymoon vacation?

  1. Should select a Caribbean island that is ideal for the couple.  There are so many islands to choose from. Choose one of your taste.
  2. A good resort to stay in.  The island offers very popular resorts, so one need not  worry.
  3. Chalk out your budget. Spend a little more, as it is a vacation to remember.
  4. For closeness and private talk, choose a smaller island.  The Culebra and Dominica are pretty good on this  front.
  5. Pack intelligently

How to Romance on a Caribbean Honeymoon?

Being together, getting to know each other better is what honeymoon is all about.  Couples romance intensely and are passionately in love with each other.

This would mean that they should  do things that bring them closer to each other.  Going in a boat, enjoying the beauty of the night.  Candlenight dinner, listening to lillting music, relishing the tasty cuisines of the Caribbean island, dancing to the melodius music, wearing local costumes to be part of the local culture, all these make you feel very romantic indeed.

Be together at every moment, spend time at the beaches, swim, throw water at each other, go for long walks on a warm sunny day or on a moon light day. Live it up.  Ensure that your honeymoon at the Caribbean is the greatest event in your life.