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Old-Polish-Wedding-Traditions Old Polish Wedding Traditions

Most of the Polish wedding traditions come from old times. And, they are collected around luck, wealth and comfort in the marriage. Traditions from the […]

wedding-stress Ways to Avoid Wedding Stress Which Is Caused by Planning

If you want to have a memorable wedding without any stress, yours and your partner’s personalities and emotional situation are the most important steps. If […]

Crystal-Wedding-Gifts Crystal Wedding Gifts

You are invited for wedding of your close friend of a relative. You decided to get a gift for them. But, you do not know […]

Korean-Wedding Korean Wedding Traditions

As we mentioned in our other article about interesting wedding traditions, there are so many different wedding traditions from the countries in the entire world. […]

Interesting-Wedding-Traditions Interesting Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions is the indispensable part of all the weddings around world. They are quite able to add so many enjoyment with their interesting nature and […]

Black-and-White-Wedding-Dresses Black and White Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress is the most important thing for the brides and they pay much more attention on dress during the preparations of wedding than any […]

Wedding-Speech-Ideas-for-Bridesmaids Wedding Speech Ideas for Bridesmaids

You can add so many different colors to your wedding ceremony with fantastic activities like wedding speech. It is one of the most important part […]

Engagement-Party-Ideas Engagement Party Ideas

You have decided to get married. Informally, you informed your friends and family members. But, it is time to announce it formally with a great […]

What-could-Be-the-Cost-of-Honeymoon What could Be the Cost of Honeymoon?

You finished to arrange your wedding. It might be very tiring and you think that you need a great vacation for honeymoon. You would like […]

What-is-the-Cost-of-a-Wedding-Planner What is the Cost of a Wedding Planner?

Planning a wedding is as hard as leading a country. It is quite stressful and tiring process. If you think that planning wedding is too […]