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What-Should-I-Get-for-My-Parent-Wedding-Gifts-for-Parents What Should I Get for My Parent?- Wedding Gifts for Parents

You are grateful to your parents for everything that they have done for your wedding. Not only for wedding, but also everything that they have […]

What-Should-I-Talk-About-in-My-Speech-Wedding-Speech-Etiquette What Should I Talk About in My Speech? Wedding Speech Etiquette

Your wedding is getting closer. Maybe it is tomorrow or maybe it is today. You check every detail if they are fine. Oops! You have […]

What-does-a-wedding-planner-do-Wedding-Planner-Jobs What does a wedding planner do? Wedding Planner Jobs

You have done some research and started to think about being a wedding planner. Organizing weddings sound great. So, do you know what exactly does […]

Irish Wedding Traditions

Nowadays, so many couples prefer to choose a different wedding theme. Some go for an Asian wedding, some go for African wedding. Also, in the […]

Wedding Gift Ideas for Groomsmen

There are so many different options for groomsmen gifts. You can choose the best one as long as your budget allows you to choose. Wedding […]

Daytime Wedding Ideas

There are so many different ideas for a night wedding. And, it does not mean that there are really less ideas for daytime wedding. In […]

Japanese Wedding Traditions

Japanese weddings are getting popular in the western world day by day. And, more brides are interested in Japanese Wedding Traditions today. These traditions are […]

Engagement Gift Ideas

Your phone rings, you pick it up. It one of your best friend ( maybe a relative) who informs you about him/her engagement party. You […]

Greek Wedding Traditions

You have decided to get married and started to plan your wedding. And, you have decided to have a Greek wedding. So, do you know […]

Wedding Gifts for Bridesmaids

Wedding is a very special occasion in every human being’s life. Not only for bride or groom, but also for their friends and family members […]