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How to plan a Groom’s Shower

Although it could be great fun, guy’s parties need not necessarily be all about just beer and dance nights. Not only bridal showers but also […]

How to Entertain Guys at a Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are fun not only for girls but for the boys too. Well, technically most of the entertainment is usually focused on the bride […]

Father of the Bride – Duties

Well, the most poignant symbol of every wedding is when the father walks his no loneger-lil precious daughter down the aisle and handing down the […]

Tips for Best Man Wedding Toast

Being chosen as the best man is quite a great honor. Well yes, we must have all heard that giving a best man speech is […]

Mother of the Bride- Top 5 Duties

At almost every wedding, it’s quite often to notice that mothers would just love to be there for their daughters. Well, the duties of a […]

Bridal Shower Games for Getting to know the Bride

Well, it’s definitely not an easy task to come with with some nice, fun and unique bridal shower games. Although there are a lot of […]

Bridal Shower Games

Bridal showers are like fests, they are thrown to celebrate love and commitment shared by the friends and family of the bride. Bridal shower planning […]

Tips to choose good Bachelorette Party Invitations

A bachelorette party has the same dos and don’ts like a bachelor party. On of the most important thing of any kind of party is […]

How to plan out Bachelorette Party Games?

Games are a great way to spice up a bachelorette party.There are lot of games that you can decide from, but one should know and […]

Tips to Choose Bachelorrete Party Supplies

Bachelorrete party is more of a new concept unlike bachelor party. It is something that has been started in the modern times. Today bachelorrete parties […]