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Black-and-White-Wedding-Dresses Black and White Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress is the most important thing for the brides and they pay much more attention on dress during the preparations of wedding than any […]

How to Plan Your Wedding Regime?

The beauty regime of bride should start really long time before wedding. You need to arrange your guest list, organize every single detail. You have […]

Beauty Tips for Brides Before Wedding

Wedding day is known as the most important day of a girl’s life. Since it is your biggest day, wearing beautiful dress with stylish shoes […]

Dresses to Wear for a Wedding

You are invited to one of your friend’s wedding. And, it is happening soon. But, you do not have anything to wear. And, you still […]

Ways to Lose Weight Before Wedding

The wedding cake, the bridal gown, the rings …..and other details. These are the ones that bride and groom pay too much attention on during […]

Alternative Wedding Dress

The wedding day is known as bride’s day. Since, she is the one who gets all the attention from everyone, she needs to answer back […]

Short Hair Styles for Wedding

Your wedding day gets closer and you run out of time. You still think about your look for the wedding day. But, something disturbs you […]

Second Wedding Dress for Remarriage

When you plan to get remarried, you hear so many different opinions from your friends and family members. Mostly, they are like “ You should […]

Beautiful Hair Style Tips According to Your Wedding Dress

You decided about your wedding dress, chose your wedding place, music, ambiance etc. And you just got the last day. You have to go to […]

Chinese Wedding Dress

You get closer to your wedding day and you have rush. You have to take care of so many details at the same time. You […]