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What-Should-I-Talk-About-in-My-Speech-Wedding-Speech-Etiquette What Should I Talk About in My Speech? Wedding Speech Etiquette

Your wedding is getting closer. Maybe it is tomorrow or maybe it is today. You check every detail if they are fine. Oops! You have […]

Fighting Before Wedding

When people are under stress, they are quite able to do a lot of silly things. And, in life we have so many times that […]

Should I Marry Him? Is It just Cold Feet or a Premonition?

When you are in the period of wedding preparation, it is quite normal to feel stressed. You have a lot of work to do. That […]

Maid of Honor Responsibilities and Duties

Since the maid of honor is the main single female attendant of the bride, she has to perform important duties. One of the chief maid […]

Wedding Announcement Etiquette- How to Tell the World!

So, you both have finally walked down the aisle. And you are dying to share this wonderful news with your friends and family. Wedding announcement […]

Vietnamese Wedding Gift Etiquette

Vietnamese culture is unique and different. They have many ceremonies that symbolises different things. Therefore if you are attending one such wedding, then make sure […]

Top 5 Wedding- Guests Don’ts

A wedding is a time to celebrate and have lots of fun. But most us forget how to behave during a wedding. It’s important to […]

How to Wear Gloves During Your Wedding

Gloves are an important part of a wedding attire. Wearing gloves depends on the style of the wedding gown that you choose. Gloves are available […]

Wedding Etiquette for the Matron of Honor

If you have been chosen to be the matron of honor , then this would surely be an honour for you as well. Take pride […]

Bridal Shower Etiquette

A bridal shower is one of the important functions before the wedding. In this, only close friends and relatives are invited and they shower the […]