Decorate your Wedding Day with Flowers

Weddings call for great activity and fun. Add more festivity and color to the occasion by celebrating it with flowers. Flower decorations for a wedding reception have become an innovative solution to make weddings more colorful and memorable.

Once the bride’s dress, the wedding theme, the bridesmaids’ dresses and the guests list has been prepared, one can go into deciding the colors and designs for decorating the various avenues of the wedding, with flowers.

Flowers for the bride’s bouquet:

An all white bouquet looks awesome for a bride. The idea is to make her look outstanding and unique. White symbolizes elegance, beauty and serenity, so a white bouquet for the bride would draw the attention of all your guests. Flowers used to design a bride’s bouquet include lilies and roses which are available in shades of white, ranging from beige to cream and also whites with a tinge of pink on them.

Design an extra bouquet resembling the one that a bride holds, to throw at the end of the wedding for the ones who might tie the knot next. This ritual is common and cannot be ignored and your guests are always looking forward to this moment, so delight the young ladies and men with a throw of a bouquet they would love to receive.

Yet another beautiful treat for the bride would be a ring of flowers round her head. This gives an angelic touch to the new bride. The halo of flowers can also be worn by the little flower girls and the bridesmaids’ who form a part of the bride’s entourage.

Decorate the aisle:

For a formal church look, attach flowers to the seats on the sides of the aisle. This can be accompanied with lace or netted sweeps gripped firmly to the sides of the sitting arrangement. Use colorful ribbons to hold these flowers. You can also light candles if it is an evening ceremony.

If it is an outdoor ceremony, use a lot of ribbons to flow with the breeze. Fasten them onto long poles on either side of the supposed aisle that a couple is going to walk down. Use grass and lots of green to give a country side look. Flowers should be draped round the poles and arches created to give a feel of the solemnity of a church.

Usher your guests:

The path from the driveway to the reception or the church should look as inviting as the wedding itself. So, lead the way for your guests with flowers. Make floral arrangements to mark the reception and usher your guests into the mood of festivity, fun and frolic.

Adorn the tables with flowers:

For a large wedding reception, use a floral arrangement that is large and fills the space. This makes a bold and lasting statement for all your guests and friends to remember. However, for each of your guest tables put a small vase with flowers in it. This will make them feel important and a part of the occasion.

Decorate the chairs:

The wedded couple as well the guests want to feel special. Fulfill their desires by draping the chairs they sit on with flowers and laces of colors that suit your theme. Be very careful to use those flowers that do not stain the clothes. You can use silk or dried flowers that can also be used later for any other occasion.

Flowers for the restroom:

Please your guests by decorating the restrooms with small flowers. A small potted arrangement of orchids can be delightful for the men and ladies who visit the restrooms for some respite from the hectic wedding schedule.

Your wedding day is special and so are your guests and friends. You certainly would want to have wonderful memories of them captured into your photographs. So, decorate this day with flowers and let your lens man steal every moment of it.