Decorating Tips for your Wedding Cake

Among all things at a wedding, the cake steals the show because of its décor and delightful appearance. Perhaps, the most awaited part of a wedding celebration is the cutting of the wedding cake. Apply the best techniques and icing flavors to add essence and beauty to your wedding cake.

Techniques to decorate your wedding cake:

A Basket Weave Technique:

This adds a unique look to your cake, woven and entwined with different flavors and colors of icing.

The Cornelli Technique:

This is an intricate piping technique which produces a lacy pattern.

A Dotted Swiss Technique:

This technique provides a fabricated look by adorning the cake with tiny dots.

The Piping Technique:

As per this technique you can apply icing with a pastry bag. Piping is used to produce a wide variety of designs on the wedding cake.

The Pulled sugar Technique:

You need to simply boil and then craft the sugar as an attractive decorative.

Types of Wedding Cake Icing:

Take away these tips to decide what kind of icing you would prefer as a topping for your wedding cake.

Butter cream Icing:

This is a smooth and soft form of cake icing. Butter cream can be of different colors or flavors, and works well as a cake filler, decorative or as a smooth component in cakes.


This is a sweet icing composed of sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin. Fondant is a thick and highly elastic mix, like dough, rolled and applied to the cake. It provides a stable base for decorations and does not need to be refrigerated.


This is a chocolate icing, something like, a fudge and is used for icing or as a cake filler.

Gum paste Icing:

This acts as a purely decorative material and is made of sugar, cornstarch, and gelatin. It is used to make realistic cake decorations, such as flowers, etc.


Marzipan consists of ground almonds, sugar and egg whites. It is extremely tasty and thick. However, it can be easily crafted and rolled smoothly for icing purposes.

Royal icing:

This type of icing is used to create designs, such as piping, beading and flowers, by squeezing the material out from a pastry bag. It hardens when dry so, it doesn’t require refrigeration.

Whipped cream icing:

It is delicious mix of whipped cream which needs refrigeration. It is usually not preferred as an icing.

Make your wedding special and different by trying these techniques and vibrant icing recipes to dress your wedding cake. Some unique wedding cakes that rule this special occasion are:

  • Cupcakes
  • Cheesecake
  • Torte

Add beauty and decadence to your wedding celebration by decorating your wedding cake with the best toppings and intricate designs.