Ensure Your Wedding Dress is a Scene Stealer

At last the day has come for you to shop your wedding dress. But shopping for a wedding dress will be complex than shopping for a pair of slacks. You have to know in advance what to select before you get into the stores. Once you are in you are out. Anyway, if you don’t know don’t worry.

Here we tell you what you can expect once you get into the shop:

  • Make an appointment. If possible, do shopping on a weekday because your sales associate will give you more attentive service, as there will not be heavy rush as it is in weekends.
  • Try to bring the lingerie you are going to wear at the wedding. It helps you in knowing how the wedding dress looks and feels on your wedding day.
  • Bring someone close to you whose opinion you respect and believe. But it is advisable to avoid bringing many experts. Too many opinions may distract you in selecting the right ones.
  • Generally bridal boutiques will not allow you to have a look at the selection of wedding dresses. Rather they bring wedding gowns to you only one at a time. At these boutiques, normally a sales associate sits down with you and discusses about your style. She brings you the dresses that reflect your ideas. Its better to allow them to show you as many styles as possible. Though you may be having an idea of what suits you, you can never guess exactly what dress looks better on your body until you try it.
  • Normally you will not be trying on the gowns in your actual size. Stores normally have dresses of sample sizes. The sales associate pins it to your body.
  • Keep in mind that you will have to be fitted – normally up to 3 times – before the wedding dress fits you perfectly. If the store you visit is having an in-house seamstress, get an alterations estimate.
  • Normally wedding dresses run small. So it is better to order a size larger than you normally wear.
  • Never compromise on one dress. You need not be convinced with one or few options. You need not hesitate to look at many dresses to select a wedding dress that looks good on you.
  • If you want a specific feature in your dress, you can make the necessary changes to it with request. Any design changes increase the cost of your wedding gown. But never compromise on quality as your wedding dress will be your lifelong remembrance.
  • Most stores normally have a no return policy. So you have to be very sure before you make your final decision.
  • Once you pay the advance amount on your dress, the sales person takes your measurements to order the dress size. Never order one that is too small hoping to lose weight by the time of wedding.
  • Remember that your wedding dress usually takes more time to get prepared. So you have to make sure that you have enough time for necessary alterations if needed.