Eye Makeup Tips- Perfect Eyes for Wedding

It’s your wedding; play up the look of your eye makeup so that it brings a natural definition to your face features. No matter what the color of your eyes is they are considered to be windows to the soul. Eyes reveal the joy and elation you feel on your wedding day. Sometimes you may go through a pensive, mischievous or mysterious moments. Eyes can let us find the little secrets we might otherwise miss in dealing with people we know and love. Eye makeup is therefore very important in both personal and professional fronts.

Eye makeup helps in emphasizing the most different characteristics on your face. The best eye makeup tips is using mascara to make your eyes pretty, eye shadow and possibly eyeliner. Use some powder or a light foundation to cover the dark circles under the eyes.

The following are the best makeup tips for your eyes on your big day:

  • Don’t pluck or wax your brows on the day of the wedding. There is a chance of developing red rashes
  • Apply waterproof mascara. And let it dry for a few seconds before you apply the next layer. If you are the kind who’ll cry a lot, then leave the lower lashes clean so that they don’t smudge.
  • Another different thing you can try is an eyelash perm. This may last for about nine weeks.
  • The skin on the eyelids is usually darker than the skin on the rest of your face. Apply a layer of neutral color over the lids to even the tone. Then any color you apply on top of that will gel well
  • Try eye-catching colors like plum and khaki to place emphasis on the color of your eyes.
  • If you have puffiness under the eyes, then try an undereye gel. It usually helps in tightening the under eye skin and works well under makeup.
  • A bronze shadow brings out the best in all eye colors. For a good effect, apply a thin layer on the lids, and then line your eyes with the same shade.
  • Use the new curling mascara formulations to curl the lashes with no risk of pinched lids.
  • Apply pencil liner precisely; to do that gently pull the corner of your eye so that your lashes form a straight line. Then, using a pencil lightly draw a line from the inner to outer corner of the eye.
  • A lemon yellow or shimmery peach shadow adds color in a subtle way. Top it up with two coats of black-mascara for a classic look.