Get a Perfect Wedding Smile

“Inspite of all the expensive jewelry and dresses, the best thing you can wear on your wedding is your smile”

There is nothing brighter than a bride’s smile; it reflects all the happiness, aspirations and dreams she’s looking forward to. In the planning of this special day, your smile is usually left off the list. Your wedding photos should show your happiness for a lifetime, and smile make over is just the option that you might be looking for.

Many of us spend our wedding budget on expensive dresses and on the best photographer and videographer in town, but we don’t consider brightening the smiles. Just because it is not on the budget, a pleasing smile or a smile make over doesn’t seem to be important.

Like many other kinds of make overs available, a smile make over is also essential. This smile make over is very essential as the bride gets to take it with her after the ceremony. This make over doesn’t take months of planning and savings, but lasts just for 5 hours.

There are several kinds of smile make overs available, depending on the budget and time frame. There are three most popular kinds namely: teeth whitening (bleaching) and reshaping, orthodontics (braces) and veneering (porcelain orthodontics).

Teeth whitening and reshaping:

If you have a time constraint or on a fixed budget, teeth whitening and reshaping is the best method. These days, teeth whitening is done through laser. The laser also helps in giving an instant gratification in almost less than 30 minutes. Laser can also be used to deal with minor teeth reshaping and is the most affordable smile makeover.

Teeth whitening procedure is quick, pain-free and needs no special recovery time or reappointments. You can achieve whiter, brighter and happier smile in a total investment of less than $1500.00.


This method is being widely used now. It is a good method as it has Invisalign (removable clear positioners). Invisaligns are a series of clear, almost undetectable aligners to be worn full time, day and night. Each set has to be worn for around two weeks for an average treatment time of one year. Because the aligners can be removed anytime they are comfortable and convenient. With this you can eat your favorite foods and brush and floss your teeth whenever you want.

Orthodonotics process is not always suitable for every candidate; it depends on your dental situation. The fee for this treatment is usually less than $5000.00 but also depends on the degree of difficulty. Another additional benefit with Invisalign is that it allows you to bleach your teeth, which helps with a whiter and a straighter smile.


Veneering is a good process for whoever requires an advanced treatment option. This depends on the way your teeth are placed and the broadness of your smile. In this process the outer surface of the front tooth is reduced and the arches are contoured to give ideal form. Veneering also sometimes requires shaping more of one tooth and less of another.

In around two weeks, a thin layer of glazed porcelain is attached to each tooth to create an amazing knockout smile. This process may take around two visits. The money involved for this procedure will be around $700.00 to $2000.00 per tooth. How effective it works depends on the number of teeth involved and the expertise of the dentist placing these veneers.

A brilliant smile is a key element for a bride or groom to finish the perfect wedding picture. So enjoy your day with greater confidence.