How to Plan a Beach Wedding

A wedding day should be worth remembering. Everybody cherishes a dream of celebrating his/her wedding in such a way that it remains fresh in everybody’s memory. Events can be made gorgeous by putting in more money in preparation. However, a wedding can be made a little out of the way and attractive with not-so-expensive budget.
Beach wedding is a wonderful idea in this respect. Weddings on beaches are lovely and very enjoyable. But some things should be kept in mind while arranging one’s wedding on a beach.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to make your beach wedding a grand success:

Scout for the sight:

You should scout for a suitable beach to celebrate your wedding. Depending on your budget, invitees and other conveniences find out a suitable beach.

Enquire about the beach laws:

You must have a clear idea about the beach laws. Know what is acceptable and what is not on the particular beach. Some beaches might limit invitees and may even prohibit the use of candles.

Take help from a planner:

Take help from professionals or marriage planners. They are the people who can help you organize the wedding depending on your budget and other conveniences. They can also help you with the beach vendors.

Consider tide:

Tides can spoil a properly planned beach wedding. So, know where the tide will be at a particular time and plan your wedding accordingly.

Rent Tents:

Sun is often a problem during beach weddings. People would prefer watching the wedding to squint their eyes. So rent tents for the wedding. Churches and civic groups rent tents for these purposes.

Beach preparations:

Blowing of sand is a problem on beaches. So consider having not-so-expensive sunglasses for the guests.

Guide your guests:

Make sure that your invitees are properly guided to the wedding site if you have chosen a relatively unknown site of the beach.

Place Welcome Basket:

Place welcome baskets at the front of the wedding site containing suntan lotion, bug spray etc. Also place goodies consisting of parasols, refreshing glasses of lemonade and cozy beach blanket etc.

Arrange shuttle service:

If the beach has limited parking slot make arrangements for shuttle service from a central location to the site of wedding.

Consider sound system:

A beach is a noisy place. Generally people like to lend an ear to the crashing of waves, blowing of breeze and the chirping of birds. But these soothing sounds also become bothersome when one wants to listen to the wedding vows. So consider having a sound system.

Consider a floor:

Placing chairs and table on the beach is not possible. They will sink in the sand. Therefore, consider renting or building temporary floor. Indoor or outdoor carpets will also come handy in this respect.

Keep patience in case of climatic disturbances:

In case of beach wedding keep patience because there might be problems regarding climate which will delay the wedding ceremony. Just keep patience and wait for the disturbances to get over.

Beach wedding is a wonderful and memorable way to celebrate one’s marriage. It is organized with an obvious wish to make one’s wedding day very joyous and memorable. Once the nuances of preparation are taken care of this wish can easily be achieved and the preparation will look meticulous.