Interesting Wedding Superstitions

Wedding is a big and important event in anyone’s life. There will be plenty of hopes and expectations in the bride and groom. It is once in a lifetime event, so every one wants to get things absolutely on the mark. The importance and magnitude of the occasion often gets to them and they end up feeling nervous about the whole affair.

Because it is often a new or unknown territory that one walks into, there is also a lot of room for one to become a little cautious. All these factors create an ideal breeding ground for superstitions. Here are some of them.

  • It was thought that it is inauspicious to wear the entire wedding costume at one go. So, many of them wore it in parts. A great many people leave a hem of the garment to be stitched on the wedding day, which they believe brings good luck.
  • The bride and groom are refrained from meeting until the wedding ceremony. It is because the bride’s fathers used to think that if the groom did not find the bride to his liking on the wedding morning he would flee. It is a very common practice for the bride to step out of home with her right foot out first.
  • The bride is never allowed to look at herself fully attired in the mirror. At least a small part of the clothing, like the glove, is kept aside as she looks at herself in the mirror. It is done to avoid bad luck during the wedding. Some sights that are considered are a rainbow, chimney swipe etc.
  • One of the most important things in the ceremony – the ring, is another thing that attracts a lot of superstition. It is thought that if the ring is dropped, it is bad omen and the one who did so destined to die soon. Also premature removal of the ring meant doomsday for the marriage.
  • The bride was made to cut the wedding cake and everyone should partake in it. If someone doesn’t, it is considered bad luck for both the couple and the one who refuses it. One superstition that many would find it romantic is carrying the bride over the threshold of her new home. It is a roman custom, It is believed that if you do so she doesn’t trip over or doesn’t enter on the wrong foot.