Lingerie adds a Sensuous Touch to the Wedding

Every bride will be very careful in choosing the bridal gowns and other outerwear. But do you know that your undergarments add a lot to how your outerwear looks like. Actually they decide how your outerwear looks like. They decide how your wedding dress fits. So you have to purchase them earlier than your first fitting. Here are the things you have to keep in mind for choosing your wedding lingerie.


It is the leading piece of lingerie and the remaining play supporting roles. You need a bra that keeps you comfortable during dining, dancing and posing with your relatives. Many bridal boutiques will have decorative bras which are as creative as the wedding gown itself. You may not want useless support or annoying wires that cut into your sides on the wedding day.

Before you buy, enquire whether there is any store return policy or not. You may like to try on few different bras with your wedding gown. So you have to make sure that when you leave the tags on, it is returnable.


The girdles have become old fashioned and out of style these days. It is important to select the right Slimming undergarments. Try and use fabrics like Spandex or Lycra as they help your body stiffer. Also make sure that you buy slimmer, bra, stockings, and shoes that are your exact fit. A garment that is used for body-support helps in giving a good shape and will help in improving the way your gown fits you.


As with the slimmer and bra it is better you prefer panties that offer comfort than sex appeal. If your gown has a very slinky cut, or is made of transparent material you should wear pantyhose, which has underwear that is built in.


You can wear a garner belt that is fancy, which has hooks to hold your thigh high hose. Make sure that you choose hosiery that fits perfectly around the waist so that it can’t be seen through the gown. Sometimes if you buy a garter that is inexpensive then there are chances that the pressure of the hose can pull the garter belt down.

Usually a garter belt is a superfluous thing. There are a large variety of very sexy and sleek pantyhose available. Most women feel very sexy about wearing pantyhose

Before the wedding, make sure you had a dress rehearsal with the undergarments on. Take the opinion of your best friend so that you know what changes have to be made.

Not everything on your wedding day depends on your lingerie, but it sure affects your comfort levels. Try and experiment on your styles, and do it a bit different form the others.