Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Marriage, then off to honeymoon. Century old tradition and is still popular as ever. Young couples , even elderly for that matter, like to spend some time together after marriage to strengthen their bonds and become more closer. On the agenda would be a place which would give the best that it can offer in terms of enjoyment, recreation and facilities. Where to go? Many places indeed!

Vacationing is exciting and thrilling, and a place of adventure is what all honeymoon couples should aspire for. The vacation should be something to be remembered and cherished, and the more romantic it is, the less chances of it being forgotten!

Places- visitor’s paradise

Europe is a popular place for honeymooning. The exciting Alps provide you with adventure and thrill. Visit Switzerland and skii during the winter. Or visit Venice and enjoy the boat ride in the by-lanes. Very romantic indeed, with a musician nearby adding to the fervor. Paris is worth visiting and for those who are fashion conscious there is much to see. The Effiel Tower in Paris may be a common tourist spot, but one still needs to visit it. The boulevards are worth traveling through. Rome cannot be forgotten- the historical monuments and the legends to remember are many things that one would like to cherish for times to come.

London is a very, very popular honeymoon vacationing spot. So much to see- the Trafalgar Square, Madame Tussauds and the famous Oxford Street for shopping. Have a cup of tea and enjoy the spree!

USA has also become a popular spot for honeymoon couples. The beautiful beaches and hidden coves, worldclass hotels, watersports galore, places to splurge- the beaches ofcourse, are places worth visiting and spending the romantic hours in a manner that one carries home memories that remain fresh at all times. The Wine Country in California, Hawaii, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Walt Disney in Orlando and many, many more places that one definitely should visit and get the maximum mileage of the dollars spent. There are camp-parks one can also- the Petit Jean State Park near Little Rock in Arkansas, Montana De Oro ( Mountain of Gold) State park for example.

Africa is also worth visiting. The wild animal national parks, the water falls, the mountains are worth seeing. Go on a safari and remember the adventure for all times to come. The beaches in Mombasa, Kenya, East Africa, cannot be forgotten. Enjoy the tribal culture and experience the primitive life. In South Africa, the ancient historical landmarks and amazing wildlife draw your attention.

Khatmandu, Nepal, is a very popular place. The ancient relics and the natural habitat are a visitor’s delight.

Japan is also worth visiting to experience the Eastern culture- the Oriental experience as the saying goes. A bit further away is Sydney, Austrialia and New Zealand, modern perhaps, but the sprawing meadows and rolling pastures are sights not to be forgotten.

Enjoy your honeymoon in exotic places and in the midst of the unknown and unfamiliar. Cherish every moment of it.