Perfect Lips for Wedding

Every bride wants to be the most beautiful bride anyone has seen. The bride’s make up will be perfect with these few tips.

There are many details that go into planning for your Wedding day. However most of the time we put all the effort in the perfect dress, the perfect song and the perfect cake and forget about the most important detail, your perfect face!

Lips are sensitive than the rest of your face; so do not use scrubs as they can be irritating. To remove dead skin use Lip treatments containing salicylic acid to peel off the dead skin.

Add Moisture

Put on a lip balm or a chap stick, then blot away the excess and then put lipstick. Lips that are cracked and bleeding should be treated with hydrocortisone cream.

Stop Lipstick Bleeding

Make sure you choose a lipstick which will not seep outside the lines around your mouth. You can also make sure your lipstick does not seep by starting with a layer of foundation and filling it with color and then dusting around your mouth with some powder. Don’t try this with any sheer lipstick or glosses because that distorts the color.

Make Your Lipstick Last

The best method of making your lipstick last is by using a transfer-resistant formula. Always use a lip liner with a neutral color, so that it doesn’t leave a ring around the mouth when the lipstick fades. First, always spread the pencil color and then spread it over the lips. Top it with any shade of lipstick.

Fatten Your Lips Up

If you have thin lips don’t worry, there are some tips to make your lips look sumptuous. Try dabbing a dot of gloss in the center of the lower lip to create an illusion of fullness. Avoid using dark colors as they make thin lips appear thinner, use only pinks and some neutral colors.

Slim Down

With people who have fatter lips, feel that their lips overpower their face. Don’t use any shiny color, as the extra large lips will make your eyes look tiny. Instead, decrease the puffy look by using nude or matte formulas.

The following are tips to retain perfect lips throughout your wedding day:

  • Make sure you clean your teeth and moisturize your lips before you start any makeup.
  • Apply some powder to your foundation and dab a little even on your lips.
  • Draw a neat outline of your lips with a lip pencil to give an irresistible pout.
  • Apply the lipstick in the way that you are used to. There is no use of experimenting with makeup on the morning of the wedding.
  • Blot the lips with a tissue paper. Re-apply lipstick and blot again. If you want a glossy look just apply some lip-gloss.
  • Finally, try putting your index finger in your mouth and close your lips, then withdraw it. This will remove any lipstick that could have ended up on the teeth.