Teeth Bleaching Tips for Wedding Day

It is your wedding day! It’s an occasion of immense happiness, and also the time to flaunt a million dollar smile. This smile can be possible only if your teeth are looking healthy, shiny and white. The best method of getting the right look is through teeth bleaching. So both the bride and the groom should get their teeth bleached before the wedding day.

As the popular perception goes, teeth bleaching is not just for the movie stars. Many people get their teeth bleached regularly, and probably many more are thinking about it. Teeth bleaching are considered to safely lighten the color of the teeth, with the effect lasting for almost five years. Bleaching is advisable under a dentist’s supervision, as it is more effective and safe.

The dentist will first take a look at your teeth to determine whether what kinds of bleaching will suit your teeth and provide the best results. Some bleaching methods are recommended for bleaching your teeth for two to four hours a day. This type of system takes around three to six weeks to complete, and works well on patients with sensitive teeth. Other bleaching methods recommend bleaching at night while you sleep, which takes around 10-14 days to complete.

Here you can a brief description of various methods of bleaching:


This method is also called as Gas Plasma; it is probably your best option if you need snow-white teeth in a hurry. This works by the light, which initiates a reaction with the peroxide bleaching solution. This could cost around $500-$2000. The time taken is a session of 160 minutes. The results are quite dramatic and immediate. The teeth become 5 to 8 shades lighter, and the effect could last for 2 to 5 years depending on the habits of the person. This has to be done ideally 2 or more days before the wedding. The only side effect would be mild teeth sensitivity.


This method involves the use of a highly concentrated peroxide solution in a custom tray and sometimes, a light source. This could cost around $500-$1000. The time taken for each session is forty- to sixty- minutes. There is also a need for a week or more of at-home bleaching. The results can be fairly good. The teeth lighten several shades. The effect lasts for around 1 to 2 years depending on the habits of the person. This has to done around 6 weeks or one month before the wedding. The possible side effects include major teeth and gum sensitivity.


If there is a month or more for the wedding, then at- home bleaching can be ideal.
This method includes the use of a custom tray made by your dentist. This should be filled with 13% to16% bleaching solution that should be worn daily at home. This could cost around $100-$200. This method involves two one-hour sessions every day for around 4 to 12 weeks depending on when you get the right shade of whiteness.

The results for this are slow but solid. Your teeth will become several shades lighter. Touch up bleaching is required every six months to maintain results indefinitely. This should be scheduled around 1 or 3 months before the wedding. The side effects would include minor gum or tooth sensitivity.

If your teeth are fine and you don’t need to bleach them then make sure to get your teeth cleaned and polished before the wedding. This will get rid of stains like coffee, tea and other substances. To prevent inflammation of the gums on your big day, make sure you schedule the cleaning four or five days before the wedding.