Tips for Great Bachelor Party

There are still many ‘would be grooms’ who want to spend the last hours before marriage partying with alcohol and exotic dancers. But many men are also prefer clean bachelor party like camping trips, daredevil activities, sporting events and co-ed bachelor parties that include the bride and her friends also.

Clean Bachelor Party and Camping

Camping is a better alternative to traditional bachelor party. You can go to a location with a gear on your back to survive the elements for few days. You could also choose a spa facility with good cabins and delicious meals. Camping gives a great deal of time to relax and enjoy the company of your friends in your clean bachelor party. A camping trip gives you a quiet atmosphere to talk with your friends about your future plans on marriage life.

Sporting events in clean bachelor party

It is a great alternative to the usual party ideas. Once you are married you may not find free time to spend with friends as you are doing before. Here is the chance for you to have fun with your friends. It is a great opportunity for you to bond with your friends just before getting married. Choose a sport that all your guests can participate in. If you are having very young or very old friends, then playing football may not be the right idea. Instead playing golf is an activity that all your guests can enjoy.

Daredevil activities

Get a group of friends to participate in adventures like skydiving and white water rafting. These activities are perfect to bond with your friends because of the exhilaration gained from them and also because of the fear factor. The excitement that leads up to the event and the thrill of doing a new activity makes you have lot of fun with your friends. Anyway these activities are risky and you may get hurt. So plan these activities well in advance to avoid last minute injuries as they may delay your wedding.

Co-ed bachelor parties

Co-ed bachelor party is purely a clean bachelor party style, and this bachelorette party is now a popular choice. The common practice is to have bachelors and bachelorettes meet at different restaurants for dinner and join each other at another place. Generally nightclub is preferable as you can spend a lot of time dancing and drinking. At the end both their friends reunite the couple. This is a great chance for both the bride and groom to spend time with their friends, as they may not be able to spend time during their wedding reception.

The stereotypical bachelor parties are not the only ways to enjoy the bachelor parties. Also they are not the only means to spend time with your friends. The ideas given above are redefining the idea of traditional bachelor party. These ideas not only keep you out of trouble, but they also offer you an opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled adventure with your old and new friends.