Unique Wedding Traditions

The ways weddings are conducted vary greatly from one culture to another and also from one religion to another. Many couples who don’t practice their religion also want a religious or ethnic wedding ceremony. Here you can find a brief on wedding traditions from various cultures. If you feel that any tradition given below has a meaning and value, you can adapt it for your wedding.

Chinese Wedding Traditions

In a Chinese wedding ceremony the couple drink from goblets of wine and honey. The bride will be given jujubes, a date like fruit and it is believed to increase the chance of having a son soon.

Muslims Wedding Traditions

Muslim wedding won’t take place in a mosque as one might think. It happens in the office of an Islamic magistrate with three male witnesses. A contract will be made between the groom and brides’ fathers or closest male relatives after getting the girl’s consent. The groom will give the bride money, gold and gifts to insure her future. After all these formalities are completed the couple sign the papers and they are now married.

African-American Wedding Traditions

These days many African-American couples are following traditional east African wedding ceremonies. But some also follow an American Wedding. However many couples are also incorporating the “jumping the broom” ritual into their weddings. Jumping the Broom is a way of expressing commitment to one another. This practice actually originated during the era of slavery when slaves are not allowed to marry. In African homes brooms are used for the purpose of sweeping away evil from the home and family. The belief is that this ritual drives away the evil that forbade their union.

Jewish Wedding Traditions

There are three branches within Judaism – Orthodox, Conservative and Reformed. In case of Orthodox grooms they veil their brides before the actual wedding to confirm that they are betrothed. After this event, the groom signs a contract called Ketubah, which is a beautifully decorated document that details the promises the groom makes to the bride. During this event both men and women have to cover their heads. The ceremony happens under a canopy.

After the vows are said, the groom places a plain gold band on ring finger of the bride’s right hand. Then the bride wears her ring on left hand. After this the Contract will be read and the ceremony ends with Seven Blessings. Then the groom breaks a glass with his heel. It is to remind the congregation of the Destruction of the Temple and other catastrophes.

Native American Wedding Traditions

There are many Native American tribes. Several tribes share some wedding traditions while some traditions are unique to individual tribes. Especially in Northern California traditions a man of low social standing will pay only half the bride price. Then he moves into his in-laws home and from then onwards he will be under the control of the bride’s father. The bride’s family allows this tradition, as they need another man in their family. They consider jewelry as a shield against evil, so both the bride and groom wear turquoise and silver jewelry during wedding.

Hopi Tradition

Here either the bride or groom will propose. They do it by presenting food gifts. They won’t permit marriage between members of the nuclear family.

There are unique wedding traditions in every culture and they deserve to be respected. Nowadays many young couples are trying to incorporate the forgotten traditions. Traditions are always needed to be welcomed, but when and how it depends on your personal wish.