Wedding Vows in Your Own Style

Gone are the days when the priest reads out the vows that you need to utter after him to show your love for your spouse. Today men and women, all round the world are more interested in writing their own wedding promises and vows. No wonder marriage is a serious issue, where the bride and the groom both say aloud how they will stay together. And if you are getting married (even if not for the first time) you will be in two minds on how to write wedding vows.

Getting started

Reading out wedding vows is not just a fashion or tradition, but it is a way of promising your love to your beloved, in front of the world. Don’t just write words that sound emotional; or don’t just write something that is not you. Keep yourself out. Remember you have only one chance of promising your love in the presence of his/her most important people. Make the best use of it. More importantly, tell the truth. I tell you this out of experience – it is worth it.

When you want to start writing your vows, don’t plan to write it on a nice evening or a great morning or when he/she is asleep beside you. Write a letter to your would be, with what you like in him/her. And when you think that writing this down is done, just try and think why he/she should marry you. What you are going to give to your life partner, and also equally importantly what you may not give. Don’t hold back. Just write whatever comes to your mind.

Think of the best times that you’ve spend at the best places, and don’t forget those little things like how he/she feels for you when you are out of the bed. Visualize how he/she is going to look with a kid or two, or doing a thing that he/she really hates to do.

Mention what you like about these simple things, and why you like such things. And when you think that too much is written,

Probably your letter will get a bit longer than you thought. Don’t worry it will or don’t try and make it shorter. After all only words will not explain why you love your fiancé/fiancée. If you have written all this in one go, probably you will need some rest, but don’t forget to get back to this letter.

Finishing the writing

Don’t be amazed or ashamed of what you’ve written. Whatever you wrote, you wrote the truth. Mark some points that you think will be good when you speak out. There will be a question of whether or not people around you will accept the speech. But remember that the vows are for your beloved, not them. There will always be people who would comment. With these simple points try and draft a simple way of saying out these things.

Finish your rough draft at least five days before your wedding. You could tell your finance/fiancée what you wrote. But the surprise of the wedding vows will be gone. Probably you could show only half of what you’ve written.


Practice what you are going to say. But don’t try and look for the exact words. And when reading the wedding vows, don’t just be involved in what you are saying. It is not just about you, it is about you and your beloved. And, definitely don’t be afraid of the tone. It is going to come out. Even if you have stage fear.