Wedding Planning Checklist

A perfect wedding can pave the way for a great life ahead! The day of marriage is one special day you would always want to remember. It now depends on you whether you want the memories to bring a smile or a sigh to your face.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to sigh with the memories of your marriage. To retain that dreamy smile on your face, a must need is a wedding planning checklist. Plan a wedding planning checklist and experience the joy of your marriage without having to bother about things that still remain to be done.

If you want a wedding planning checklist badly but don’t know how to do it, help is here. Next follows a complete wedding planning checklist, specially made for you to ensure a smooth wedding.

Tips to make a wedding planning checklist

Planning out a wedding planning checklist might just start making you feel giddy. Hence, plan out your list months ahead dividing it into sections that would need your attention sooner or later as the case may be. The list should be set according to your own convenience. Put the dates beside the tasks to help you better. Fix them onto your “things-to-do” board, sit back and relax. Take them off one by one, as you go on finishing the tasks.

Now that you know how to do it, you must also know what to list out in them. You must not forget to:

  • Fix up your wedding date, on which depends the rest of the proceedings.
  • Fix up an appointment with your clergyman and the church.
  • Mail or send invitations to all your kith and kin well ahead in time to enable them to attend your “special” day.
  • Check out the wedding laws of the country you plan to have your wedding in.
  • Prepare the marriage license, photo permit and special occasions permit besides making arrangements for the marriage certificate.
  • Book your venue as well as the caterer, giving your own choices about the wedding cake and the wedding menu, not to mention the wedding music and the drinks that make the mood for the day.
  • Plan out the best part of your married life – that is your honeymoon. Plan it carefully, without forgetting to book your tickets and hotels well ahead in time. Do not forget to buy a surprise wedding gift for your spouse and enjoy the smile that spreads on the face.

Time to pay attention to yourself

  • Buy the ring which you desire to wear all your life, with care and patience.
  • Choose your wedding gown and accessories well ahead of time and make sure they fit you perfectly when done. Do not forget to book an appointment with your beautician, if you plan to go for any.
  • Lastly, do not forget your own needs. Have a good sleep the night before, so that you get up relaxed and ready for the big day. Eat properly and relax.

Enjoy your wedding just as much as you would enjoy preparing for it, just by planning a perfect wedding planning checklist.