Wedding Reception Planning

Celebrating your wedding is the next best thing to your life partner, right after your marriage. A great wedding reception doubles your joy, and the memories linger on for a lifetime. Want yours to be one such great experience?

A must for your dream to come true is a “Wedding Reception Plan”. We teach you how to plan a wedding reception, and all you need to do is to step out and act to have a grand reception.

Though you might know what you want for your wedding, you may not always know the ways of turning your dreams into reality. Listed below are a few guidelines to make your event a success.

Setting your date and budget

Choosing a date for your reception might seem to be an easy task, but is not one. Choose a date keeping in mind the season and the venue, as well as the day of the reception. It’s because the packages differ depending on the above factors.

Having chosen the date, you need to decide on your budget to ensure that your reception does not cost you more than what you desire to spend on it.

Choosing the Reception Venue

Next in the list is the venue. If you are new to the place, look into some wedding magazines or directories, which are easily available, to have an idea of the places around and the costs involved.

Look out for a hall near your church to avoid inconvenience caused to the guests and also to smoothen the process. If you are looking for an indoor site, you need to book it months or sometimes even a year in advance. Check out on the seating arrangement and the parking area allotted. If you are planning otherwise, that is for outdoor site, plan your arrangements well ahead in time to avoid missing out on any in the last minute.

Menu and Drink

Choose your menu in style. If you choose to arrange it according to your theme of the evening, none like it. Go ahead for a sampling and tingle your taste-buds before deciding on them.

Do not forget the drinks. Check out the range that the package offers. Include soft as well as hard drinks to cater to guests of all tastes and ages.

If you plan to have a dinner prayer and pray with your spouse for the first time, you need to prepare for it. Ask your clergyman or any of your loved ones to do it for you. Also, decide who is going to make the speeches following it.

Capturing the Special Moments

Posing for the wedding photographs can be the most pleasurable moments. Yet, it can also turn out to be a time consuming affair too. So, plan out with your photographer to avoid waste of time as well as money.

Decoration, Music and Dance

How would you want your special evening to look like? Sit back and think. If you do not have any specific themes in mind, don’t just go in for the usual flowers. They are too commonly sought for. Be your own creative designer and think of how you would want to reflect your own personality through the show.

The wedding reception centerpiece sometimes is the attraction of the evening, so flaunt your creativity by the choice you make.

Set your music according to the theme. You can go for either a band or DJ. In earlier times, in the western countries, the dances used to be called “bridal waltz” which used to have a particular kind of music and dance sequence. However there are no such rules in the present times. You can set your own music, and dance to its tune.

So, enjoy your special evening before you leave with your husband in a well-decorated car and cherish the memories in your heart forever!