Wedding Registry Basics – When in Doubt, be Practical

No matter how many times you have received them here on our website, take it again “Congrats”. And if you are looking for some good wedding registry you are in the right place.

Wedding registry is a way with which the friends and relatives of the about-to-be-weds buy them the gifts. But the bride and the bridegroom can decide what gifts they want before. Sounds stupid? Nope it isn’t. Read on.

The intention behind wedding registry is very emotional. Friends and relatives together try to help the grooms settle down with their needs while they try to start a new life. Instead of two different people giving the same kind of gift, it would be much better if all of them plan to gift based on what they can, and more importantly, what the couple needs or will need.

How it all started

The concept of a wedding registry, which is also called bridal registry was first put into use by a department store from Chicago, named Marshall Fields. That was way back in 1924. The concept evolved into a more comfortable one for friends and relatives who liked the idea. Ofcourse, it also generates good revenue for departmental store owners.

Registering your registry

It is as simple as asking for a store if it offers bridal registry services. If it does there you are. But the main question is what to register? The answer is what will you need?

Try to think of what you both planned. You must have imagined a wonderful house, a very green garden, odorless garage and a nice car. This might come true for most of you, but some time later. You will need things that will do the routine things. And what is the fun of getting most wanted things as gifts rather than buying them with your own money?

Consider where you are going to live. Put each room in view and know exactly what you have in your place now. Sort out things that you will need in each room or probably in your garden or say even on the door.

There are quite a few people who have registered things like a meat slicer or a thing that they have never used in their lives. Few years after marriage, they realize what stupid things they’ve asked. Such things could be like a bed lamp or things that only serve one purpose in kitchen. Ultimately its those multipurpose things that will keep you interested for some time at least.

Do not go to the store until you write down what you will need. Now that you’ve a list, know how many people you’ve invited and how much would they be able to pay. Don’t even get ideas of asking them. But make a rough guess.

Visit your store, and then look out for the list. The store keeper would probably try to sell(?) you few things. Go through them but do not register for stuff that you think you will never need.

Mentioning the registry in the invitation

The wildest anyone could do was to ask for credit card details on the invitation cards. Though, it is now common to send registry cards with the invitation, not all are received with the same feeling. Some may find it highly selfish but some may find it very necessary. This is one of those tacky situations in a wedding. Know the kind of friends and relatives you have and send registry cards only to those who know wouldn’t mind it. For others, well invite them anyway. If they find it necessary they will check with you. And if they don’t then probably they are fine that way.