Wedding Spa Tips

The basic guideline for selecting a wedding spa is looking for one that starts off with a yoga class to get your mind and body relax and unwind for pampering. Choose a spa center, which has a steam room or a Jacuzzi to gather with your friends or relatives if you get them along for in-between treatments. One important tip is to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Make sure that the staff booked the services carefully so that you can arrive and depart in your necessary time frame.

Health Spa communication is a key ingredient to ensure that you are at ease. Upon your arrival at the spa you will be asked to fill a client card, where you have to fill your personal needs and preferences. You will then be asked to change into an Earth worx robe. For the feel good factor juice, herbal tea and crystal water will be made available.

The proliferation of spas for weddings has made many people head for regular massages, facials and body wraps than ever before. Men, in particular the grooms, are also increasingly eager to improve their appearance for their wedding. They also seem to reap the health benefits that a trip to the spa can bring. Here are some top spa tips for those interested in a wedding spa.


Let your feet rest for a change; keep your weight off your feet. A foot reflexology massage is done to relieve the tension on the pressure points of the feet. This helps also in relieving tension from head to toe.


For a bride what else is more important. You have to flaunt a flawless face, so treat it beautifully. There are different facials designed specifically for bride and groom. There are usually a wide range of facial treatments to choose, ranging from the basic to exquisite. Let a spa consultant recommend the right one for you, considering your sex, age and skin condition.

Deep Cleansing

Ensure that you go for a deep skin cleansing with packages like the Marine Weed Scrubs and Mud Wraps. These treatments involve skin brushing, exfoliation and relaxing. Deep cleansing also involves a scalp massage and an application of warm algae, which is rich in minerals and enzymes. This helps in reducing water retention, boosts metabolism and eliminates toxins.

Body Massage

Heighten your body’s sensory responses with special oil treatments. The Botanic and Aromatherapy Body Massages with specially blended herbal oils when applied for a full-body massage can be an amazing stress buster.

Water Treatment

Take a Hydrotherapy treatment in a tub and it will invigorate you all over. 15 minutes is all one needs as the treatment really gets the blood circulation going. Detoxifying mineral salts, energizing yang with ginseng or refreshing with Green Tea along with this treatment can be ideal. This spa is also called as “taking the waters” and is a ritual dating back to the Romans.